Here's What People Are Saying About the 21-Day Trim Down: 

“I knew I was gaining weight because I was just eating junk food that I knew was bad for me – eating anytime I wanted. I had to come to a conclusion in my own mind and heart that I needed to get on a diet. One thing I need when I’m on a diet is a menu to follow, plus products that will make me feel healthier. This program trained me in what is the best kind of food to eat on a daily basis, and when I should be eating. I feel much lighter and slimmer. My friends have told me I’m looking good!  My first Trim Down went so well (lost 14.5 inches and 10lbs!), I decided to keep going!  My second Trim Down I lost another 5.5 inches and another 7 lbs. To reward myself I will be able to go and buy a new outfit at least 1-2 sizes smaller. Thank you for introducing me to the 21-Day Trim Down.  I will be recommending it to others.”

-- Teddi from Idaho

"We knew it was time to do something because our 3-year-old was picking up our bad eating habits.  My husband (who is only 34) already has high cholesterol, and I needed to lose baby weight.  We did the 21-Day Trim Down together, which was much easier because we encouraged each other and knew if one of us quit the other one would gloat!  After the 21 days I lost a total of 13.5 inches and 7 lbs.  My husband lost 10 inches and 10 lbs.  We have stuck with the low glycemic diet and have continued to shed pounds and inches.  We are well on our way to a lifestyle change!"

-- Katie & D.R. from Washington


"I wanted to give my wife a 25th anniversary gift, so I set out to lose 25 lbs. My wife escapes the summer heat in Texas by retreating to her family's lake house in northern Michigan. This left me with seven weeks to focus on preparing my 'anniversary gift.' My trainer directed me to the 21-Day Trim Down.  By following the program and exercising three times a week with my trainer, I was able to present my wife with a leaner me by the time I joined her at the lake. I lost 18 pounds using the 21-Day Trim Down. Together with a regular exercise program, the 21-Day Trim Down helped me substantially. Now my wife wants to join me in the low-glycemic lifestyle. I plan on continuing to lose weight and gain muscle. My long term goal is to enter my 50s in the best possible condition. Currently, I am 47. Thanks for helping my wife and I enjoy a wonderful and healthy 25th anniversary."

-- Doug from Texas


"I heard the stories and I saw them proved. I knew it was coming – the dreaded freshman 15. However, I trusted my youth’s metabolism too strongly to prepare myself for the gain. Basically, the freshman 15 was not a question but a reality. I came home from my first semester in college with a dean’s list recognition and 15 extra pounds. Determined to make a change and lose the weight, I decided to do the 21-Day Trim Down with my Mom. I lost about ten pounds, and also lost my sugar cravings.  My friends noticed my weight loss when I returned to school, specifically noting a slimmer bottom and neck. After two months of low-glycemic eating and exercise, I look slimmer and feel lighter. The 21-Day Trim Down taught me how to eat and what to eat. For the rest of my life, I will base my diet on the principals I’ve learned from the Trim Down. Sugary, fatty, processed food literally weighs me down, making me feel lethargic and depressed. 'Real' food, like natural fruits and vegetables, gives me energy and a much better mood."

-- Abi, college student and aspiring actor from Texas


"Ready for some good news? In the 21 days since I started the program, I have lost 7.5 pounds, lost 8.5 inches, lowered my blood pressure to 107/76 and lowered my resting heart rate! I am so thankful to you for introducing me to this program!"

-- Laurie from Ohio

"My friend Melinda knew she needed to lose some weight and inches because she couldn't fit into some of her clothes any more. She also knew she needed to eat healthier to lower her blood pressure. She told me she could feel her heart palpitating too rapidly and knew it was high time to act. When I told her about the 21-Day Trim Down Program, she was very excited. Her goal was to be able to fit into a lovely dress for a banquet. She followed the regimen well. She lost the inches, looks great in her dress and has had no more problems with high blood pressure!"

 -- from Reinette, about Melinda from Texas


"I lost 11 lbs. and 14 inches total after completing the 21-Day Trim Down, I'm really glad I tried this program -- it was a really good foundation for me. Such great results in just 3 weeks."

-- Tanya from Ohio

“I wanted to let you know just how well my 21-Day Trim Down went! The grand totals were 12 lbs and 10.25 inches! For the first time in years, I can see that I am losing weight and I feel good about it because I know that I am doing it in a healthy manner. My gastro-intestinal system is happier than it has been in years and well, because I have suffered chronic pain for a long time as well, I can say that the pain has not miraculously disappeared, but it is manageable and I am starting to jog/walk more and farther. I am very excited and plan to keep at the plan until I reach my target weight! For the nonbelievers (oh yeah I was the worst kind) IT WORKS!! SOOO easy and life altering not because you have to make tons of sacrifices for it to work, but because you feel and see it working and you WANT to make the changes!! Thank you!”

 -- Rachel, single Mom and ex-military from Texas


"21 days and 14 pounds later I'm feeling more energized and better about myself than I have in many years.  This was my first step to regaining my health.  I'm going to continue with these healthy habits as my lifestyle, and I am still losing inches and losing pounds.  Thank you 21-Day Trim Down for all of your help."  

-- Joe from Texas


"My 21 days ended today. I've lost 7 pounds and overall I feel great. Low-glycemic is now a way of life for me; I can't imagine the highs and lows I've felt from the sugary/fatty foods of my past. Snacks I had loved I can no longer tolerate (can you say Snickers, donuts...can't even imagine). In fact, even rethinking Halloween...sorry neighbor kids!"

-- Cindy from Ohio